About Me/Contact
Nice to meet you!
I am a freelance illustrator/designer living in Calgary, Alberta. I studied Visual Communications Design at Alberta University of the Arts from 2016 to 2020 and English literature at the University of Calgary from 2011 to 2016. I am passionate about working as a designer because, growing up as a hearing impaired child, visual communication was essential to my learning, and made an enormous difference in my life.
My style is that I work in many different styles, depending on the situation i'm in, or visual problem I am solving. For me, the best part about illustration and design is getting to explore different ways of seeing, mark making, and communicating visually and emotionally. I see myself as somewhere between an illustrator and a graphic designer, because my work ranges from bold graphic shapes arranged for a quick read to more intricate scenes that require a closer look to take in all of the details.
Stylistic Influences
For my people and lifestyle illustrations, I like to use the visual language of fashion illustration and the loose expressive qualities of urban sketching. For my character and environment designs, I like to use a combination of classical pen and ink and digital colour. For my book covers and advertising illustrations, I like to look to paper cut-outs and pop up books for inspiration.
My favourite subjects/genres  include music, horror, animal anatomy, and dinosaurs. 
My work draws on many diverse influences, and my favourite artists include  John Singer Sargent, William Stout, Frank Frazetta,  Heinrich Kley, Steve Huston , Jillian and Lauren Tamaki, and Saul Bass.