About Me/Contact
Hey there!
My name is Dane Thibeault, and I am a freelance illustrator/designer living in Calgary Alberta. I studied visual communications design at Alberta University of the Arts from 2016 to 2020. I am passionate about working as a designer because, growing up as a hearing impaired child, visual communication was essential to my learning, and made an enormous difference in my life.
I see myself as somewhere between an illustrator and a graphic designer, because I tend to work in two different styles, depending on the needs of the project I am involved with. When I need more of a quick read, such as when I'm working on a poster or a book cover, I use a more graphic style. Other times when storytelling and character development are more of a priority, I use a combination of classical pen and ink technique and digital media. 
 My favourite subjects/genres  include music, horror, animal anatomy, and dinosaurs. My work draws on many diverse influences, and my favourite artists include  John Singer Sargent, William Stout, Frank Frazetta,  Heinrich Kley, Steve Huston and Saul Bass. 
Other Facts About Me:
Born: Calgary Alberta, 1993
Education: B.A. English, University of Calgary (2016) 
B Des Vis. Communications Design, Illustration, AU Arts (2020).
Music: Classic country, opera,  also a fan of pretty much any music(except Coldplay)
Favourite video game: Paper Mario 
Hobbies: Running, video games, nature sketching
Organizations: Member of RAW Artists: https://www.rawartists.com/danethibeault