About Me/Contact

I'm Dane Thibeault, an illustrator/graphic designer based in Calgary, Alberta. I have a bachelor's degree in Visual Communications Design (Illustration) from Alberta University of the Arts and a degree in English from the University of Calgary. 
Growing up with hearing loss in both ears, I found that effective visual communication was crucial to my learning and development. This experience  inspired me to apply my passion for art and design towards helping others communicate their messages more clearly and accessibly. 
My practice involves creating dynamic portraits, lifestyle/editorial illustrations, characters and creatures. I absolutely love drawing people and capturing their likenesses, and my favourite thing to do is create whimsical illustrations of famous people using a combination of line, tone, and expressive colour. I see my work as a stylized interpretation of reality, borrowing from observational drawing, but at the same time introducing line as a form of emphasis and visual interest. This approach also applies to my graphic design work, only to a lesser extent for increased visual clarity and simplicity. 
I would love to work on editorial and advertising illustrations, children's books, and book cover illustrations. If you are interested in working together, please drop me a line here or find me on social media! 
Client List
Annick Press 
Calgary Drop-In Rehabilitation Centre